We need way more people building businesses which create a healthy economy within our planetary boundaries. We need you to become one of those people.

What do we have?
We’ve got validated business opportunities with potential to create systemic change at scale.

What do we need from you?
We need you to show up, leap strategically and keep going.  

Impact drive

Ventures to us are not a goal in itself but a means to an end. We seek people able to put impact first whilst optimizing along the way. We need awareness of impact at a systemic level and pay attention to potential ‘burden shifting’. Founders need to be willing to kill darlings or change course when the impact is negative or too low.

Growth mindset

Next to a love for dedication and hard work we also cherish learning. It requires the ability to absorb and appreciate confronting lessons within the everyday. We look for people able to self-propel into a journey on which they constantly look at their own assumptions and surround themselves with excelling people.  

Entrepreneurial hunger

We regard the desire to make a change as an awesome yet useless starting point when not combined with perseverance. We seek people capable of rerouting intelligently in order to ‘get there’, no matter what. We need leapers willing to get their hands dirty, a ‘let’s go!’ mentality and (openness to develop) entrepreneurial savviness.  

Touch of crazy

Only the ones crazy enough to think they can change the world actually do so. Venturing into new impact driven business is simply not 100% rational. You have to be crazy enough to leap into somewhat unchartered territory .Having a fun doing this whilst embracing your crazy edge will keep you sane ;)

1. Opportunity curating

We harvest and make insightful business opportunities with potential to create systemic change. With partners we crunch the numbers, validate the systemic impact claim and clarify the buy-in construction. 

2. Talent sourcing and selecting

We collaboratively recruit and source a pool of fitting candidate founders. 

3. Match- and dealmaking

Through a clear and efficient process we together select candidates with highest potential. We bring in legal expertise committed to optimizing the agreements and shareholder construction. 

4. Trial and evaluate

We make sure the success of the matching process is evaluated at set times through a set of parameters agreed upon at the start. We collaboratively change course if needed. We take a percentage. 

Bart van der Zande

Partner Ikigo

Huub Dekkers

Partner Ikigo

Eva Gladek

Boardmember Ikigo

Founder & CEO Metabolic

Koen van Seijen

Boardmember Ikigo

Senior manager Toniic

Paul Musters

Adviser teaming & selection

Founder Fortify


The Japanese 'Ikigai' refers to the reason for being.
For us it means becoming the best version of yourself.

By thriving for the perfect center between doing: 

+ what you love
+ what you are good at
+ what you can get paid for
+ what the world needs

We acknowledge that people are the core of a businesses succes, and their wellbeing and passion for what that do with it.

Let's Go 

Entrepreneurship can change the world. 
And the world of entrepreneurship is changing. 

We believe, that not just the stereotypical entrepreneur can build world changing companies. A team of experienced professionals with entrepreneurial tendencies are highly capable, especially to bring existing ideas with first validation to fruition and scale. 

We see a growing group of people looking to find ways to have a positive impact. We offer the opportunity to find those jobs in companies that need to be build or grown.

We are located in BLUECITY Rotterdam